How much did i make driving Uber for 1 week?

My earnings after driving Uber for 1 week

If you have read my previous post, you would have known that i have been driving for Uber during the past few weeks. I have also promised to share my earnings, to give readers a realistic estimate of how much they can make driving Uber. I will also be sharing the earnings of my weekend relief driver for those who may wish to know how much they can earn moonlighting during the weekends, in a separate post.

Uber’s Incentive System

Upon hitting certain number of trips in a week, Uber will pay you a bonus on top of your fare earnings. This was the incentive scheme that I was under.

First Month New Driver Incentive

  • Hit 25 trips in a week – Bonus $100
  • Hit 75 trips in a week – Bonus $350
  • Hit 125 Trips in a week – Bonus $625

Usually, drivers received 2-3 trips in an hour. Therefore to hit 125 trips, expect to drive continuously for 9-10 hours a day on average.

My Actual Earnings

I don’t consider myself a full timer as I have other commitments (Interviews, Girlfriend, School, etc) that I need to attend to which reduces the amount of time I can drive. Furthermore, I was not used to driving long hours so my ankle often hurt from the constant pressure of stepping on the accelerator/brake, leading to fatigue. I expect most new drivers to face this problem before they get used to it.

Monday – $98.19 / 12 trips / 5.5 Hours

Monday was a slow day as I pace myself to do 12 trips per day.

Tuesday – $82 / 9 Trips / 6 Hours

Woke up feeling super excited to drive the peak hour to take advantage of the surge, but my first trip sent me to the edge of Singapore at Tenah Merah Coast Rd. After dropping the passenger, it took 20mins before I got my next request and there wasn’t any surge as I was in a pretty low demand area during the peak hours. Also had some commitments later in the day so didn’t drive much after lunch.

Wednesday – $103.52 / 9 trips / 4 Hours

The thing about driving during peak hours is that the traffic is extremely slow. While you make more from fares, you also take on fewer trips. Once you finally get into CBD, getting out takes awhile as well. I took a break after lunch and only resumed late afternoon. I then went for my dinner date with my girlfriend and ended my driving.

Thursday – $93.36 / 9 trips / 4 Hours

I seem to also be doing only 9 trips everyday!  I think that at this point, my ankle was hurting quite a bit so I decided not to drive as much on Thursday. Also had a few cancellations which wasted quite a bit of my time, maybe my driver profile picture not handsome enough.

Friday – $94.65 / 9 trips /  4 Hours

Wow another 9 trips. I drove from 10am – 5pm but took a long lunch break in between. Most trips were long distance trips but fares weren’t exactly high. Tampinese to Stevens Road only $12 fare !? Ankle still feeling uncomfortable.

Saturday – $128.53 / 13 Trips / 6 Hours

Long day of driving to catch up on my trips.  Encountered a few riders that booked super short trips because of promo codes but waited quite some time for them to show up. Please try not to make your Uber driver wait more than 5 mins, even if you sent them a text saying that you will take 10 mins. Why not book your ride when you are actually at the place already?

Sunday – $142.98 / 15 Trips / 7 Hours

Hit my target and called it quits. This was  my first week driving for Uber so I wasn’t mentally or physically ready to handle the long hours on the road. Pleased with my efforts nonetheless 🙂

Total Earnings for the week – $743.22

First Month Free Money Incentive – $125

+ 75 trips Cash King – $350

Total : $1,218.22

**This is the earnings before subtracting Rental and Petrol.

Rental – $409.89

Petrol – $182.33 (I use the car for personal use as well)

Take Home Earnings – $626 / Week /  36.5 Hours


To be honest, I can probably achieve a higher earning of around $700 by driving at more strategic locations and during better timings (peak hours). You can still earn a decent income driving Uber full-time, $700 a week gives you a  salary of $2800 a month. But do note that this special incentive is only for new drivers during the first month, so expect your earnings to decrease after the honeymoon month is over. After the first month, you will be placed under a different incentive scheme. If you plan to do Uber full-time, you should really strive to hit 125 trips or work at least 45 hours/week to really maximise your earnings. Is it worth the effort and time? you will have to decide for yourself.

If you happen to fall sick, you would not be able to hit your target number of trips and your earnings will be severely affected. Or maybe you happen to damage the car. You would need to fork out the money for the repair. Long term health problems associated with driving for long hours is another issue that can affect you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

*Update 7/5/2017 : Added no. of hours i spent driving


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