6D5N Vietnam Ho Chi Min & Mũi Né Day 1

I took a mini break from work last December and went on a short 6D5N get away to Vietnam, Ho Chi Min City, also known as Saigon. Traveling and seeing new things is an important part of wealth building and leads to a fulfilling life. Without new experiences, life tends to fly by in an instant. If we think about it, time tends to pass the slower when we were younger. As we grow older, time appears to pass a lot faster because the things you see and hear are no longer novel or interesting. Your brain basically shuts off and doesn’t bother to process these repetitive sights. In the blink of an eye, you have been a corporate slave for 10-15 years.

Day 1 – Arrival in Ho Chi Min

We took an evening flight by Jetstar and landed in Ho Chi Min at about 8:30 pm.

Pro Tip: There is an express queue to clear customs for ASEAN country passport holders.

We decided to buy the data only Sim cards from the airport for myself and the girlfriend as we didn’t want to drain our phone batteries by tethering and sharing one card. Sim Card scams are very common in Vietnam, even in HCM airport. We recommend buying Sim Card from Vinaphone, although we bought from a different provider as they were not open. Make sure to ask the person to show you on your phone how much data you have as sometimes the salesperson might be pocketing the difference !

Another reason for buying the sim card is so that we can take an UBER. Calling an Uber from HCM is actually  quite convenient  despite the chaotic atmosphere after exiting the airport. On the Uber app, just select which pillar number you want your driver to go to and keep an eye out for the driver. The waiting lane is almost always full, so be prepared to board your ride quickly.

Image result for zoolut hotel ho chi minh

Our hotel (Zoolut stay) was very basic but we were only staying for one night so it didn’t matter that much to us. We walked around the area and made a short trip to the convenience store to stock up on some snacks for our long journey to Muine the next day and called it a day.

Day 1 Expenses

Flight: $352 return ticket for 2 person

2x Sim Card: $17.50

Hotel: $33

Snacks and Water: $7

Total: $$409.50


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